Celebrating the Rockstars Of Conservation


Blue Azores

A healthy ocean is essential for human development
In order to gain its space globally, the Oceano Azul Foundation has chosen a strong idea based on its motto ‘From the ocean’s point of view’, and transformed into three pillars of action. Jointly these pillars will promote education, awareness, engagement, and behavioral change. They will also act to further implement an innovative blue economy as well as protection and recovery of our ocean. In doing so increased democratization and enlarged government will work to implement sustainable uses of our ocean.

Project Innerspace

To enable geothermal anywhere in the world. Fast.

Project InnerSpace is a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on expanding the use of geothermal energy globally. InnerSpace aims to make the production of clean, always on geothermal energy possible anywhere in the world by 2030. We combine the voices of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and disruptors with the breakthrough expertise of geologists, drilling experts, and well engineers to build a future where geothermal will enable the world to meet its climate and energy goals.


Re:wild protects the wild that’s left and restores the rest

Life on Earth, in all its myriad forms of wildlife and ecosystems, is what sustains us. It is our first line of defense against emerging diseases and climate chaos, and ensures access to clean air, water, and an abundance of food and medicines. In short, healthy people need a healthy planet. Protecting and restoring the fabric of life in our only home is at the heart of everything we do.

Sea Legacy

SeaLegacy combines decades of experience in conservation, photography, and communications, with the latest digital and social technologies, to build a healthy future for our oceans.

This is the story that SeaLegacy tells. This is the story that sparks a global conversation, and the story that inspires people to act. We believe that producing powerful media and art that gives people hope is imperative. Hope is empowerment. Hope is a solution. Hope is a game changer.

The Ocean Cleanup

The Largest Cleanup in History

Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans, primarily from rivers. And the plastic that’s afloat within the oceans isn’t going away by itself. To effectively solve the problem, weneed to both turn off the tap and mop the floor at the same time. The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization, is developing and scaling technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Our aim is to put ourselves out of business once the oceans are clean.


SeaLegacy combines decades of experience in conservation, photography, and communications, with the latest digital and social technologies, to build a healthy future for our oceans.

JUCCCE is a non-governmental organization catalyzing society towards a future where personal and planetary health thrive. We leverage our government channels, international networks, and generous contributions from corporate and individual contributors to make a big impact on key drivers of energy such as urbanization, industry, and consumption. In the past 10 years, we have already helped catalyze key tipping points in China through initiatives such as Smart Grid and Energy Efficient Lighting. Our unique strength is our ability to convene and activate high-level influencers across all sectors.

We are a large, global family of contributors who care about creating a healthier world. That’s why working with us is so exciting – we’re making a difference together.

The White Feather Foundation

For the Conservation of Life. Give clean water, education and health. Protect our environment and Indigenous cultures.

We embrace environmental and humanitarian issues; and in conjunction with partners from around the world, we help to raise funds for the betterment of all life.

We raise funds for Indigenous, environmental, humanitarian and clean water projects. Your involvement will help make an immeasurable difference to the countless lives of those less fortunate. What we cannot accomplish as individuals, we can accomplish collectively.

Inspired by our founder, Julian Lennon, an internationally renowned musician, philanthropist, photographer and author, we aim to use our voice to amplify partner causes and work toward our mission to conserve life

Earth Uprising

We are a team of young people who want to save the planet.

Youth climate activists from all over the world are uniting to take action and demand a better future for ourselves and future generations. Even though many of us cannot vote, we can make our voices heard! We have started Earth Uprising to support and hasten the youth climate movement while providing resources and opportunities to educate one another about the climate crisis. We want action and we want it now. We are impatient and it is our time to lead

Earth Percent

Eight Percent is a charity providing a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organization addressing the climate emergency.

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